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Hospital Introduction

Bishamber Sahai medical college and research centre organised by Roop Chand Sharma education trust is running 100 beded hospital which is located in its campus and it is a health care institution providing patient treatment with specialized medical and nursing staff and medical equipment. It is best-known type of general hospital , which typically has an emergency department to treat urgent health problems ranging from fire and accident victims to a heart attack. Our hospital provide major health care facility in its region, with large numbers of beds for intensive care and additional beds for patients who need long-term care. Specialised hospitals include trauma centres.The main objective of our hospital is to serve the poor people so that they are able to enjoy the healthy and happy life.The Daily OPD of our hospital varies from 100-120 and the averge and bed occupancy is 40% which include patients from all the different type of diseases which are treated by our various specialists which are avaliable in the hospital for all the 24 hours.

Medical Superintendent

The medical superintendent of our hospital is Dr. Jasvinder Kaur who is dynamic personality and supervise the everyday operations of health care facilities such as hospital and nursing home.

She has passed his B.A.M.S from University of Dehli and his master from University of Dehli in Kriyasharir .She is registered as Doctor in Uttarakhand Chikitsa parishad.Bearing registration number DBCP/A/4281 and her date of birth 14/11/1977

She has joined our institute on 15-12-2018 and her main duty is to ensure the health care facilities and operation efficiently. She is also working as a principal in our institute.

She basically belongs to Dehli and her residental address is Indrapuram, Kala Pather Flat No. 4/2A New Dehli And her Mobile No. is - 9760020553 and Email Id - jasvinder@bisgrouprke.in

List of the Appointed Teaching Faculties

S.No. Name Qualification Registration No. Teaching Code Designation Field of specialization
1 Dr. Jasvinder Kaur BAMS, MD DBCP/A/4281 AYUKS0477 Principal Deptt. Of Kriyasharir
2 Dr. Jasvinder Kaur BAMS, MD DBCP/A/4281 AYUKS0477 Professor Deptt. Of Kriya Sharir
3 Dr. Hosalli Basvaraj Siddlingappa BAMS, MD 14165 AYUSS0161 Reader Deptt. Of Basi Principles
4 Dr. Alle Nagaraju BAMS, MD 1502 AYURS0337 professor Deptt. Of Rachna Sharir
5 Dr. Manjiri Ranade BAMS, MD I-47604 AYURB0920 Reader Deptt. Of Rasa Shastra
6 Dr. Lata D patil BAMS, MD I-59447-A-1 AYURN0553 Reader Deptt. Of Rog Nidan
7 Dr. Narendra Dev Vashistha BAMS, MD, P.hd 27653 AYUDG0051 Professor Deptt. Of Dravyaguna
8 Dr. Parshant BAMS, MD 24941 AYUSS1309 Lecturer Deptt. Of Basic Principles
9 Dr. Raza Ahamad BAMS, MD UK2355 AYUKS1231 Lecturer Deptt. Of Kriyasharir
10 Dr. Aneesh T. BAMS, MD 14106 AYURS1350 Lecturer Deptt. Of Anatomy
11 Dr. Sunit Kumar BAMS, MD AYURB1327 Lecturer Deptt. Of Rasa Shastra
12 Dr. Rahul Kumar Saini BAMS, MD UK3138 AYUDG1179 Lecturer Deptt. Of Dravyaguna
13 Dr. Namrata Mayur Koli BAMS, MD 12533 AYURN0914 Lecturer Deptt. Of Rog Nidan
14 Mrs. Bhawna Sharma B.A, M.A AYUSN0503 Lecturer Deptt. Of Sanskrit
15 Dr. Sameer Vela Pure B.A.M.S,M.D UK3124 AYUAT1213 Reader Deptt. Of Agad Tantra
16 Dr. Ankit Lohan B.A.M.S,M.D UK3102 AYUAT1094 Lecturer Deptt. Of Agad Tantra
17 Dr. Neetu Shukla B.A.M.S,M.D 56124 AYUKB0718 Lecturer Deptt. Of Balrog
18 Dr. Kadu Shalya Anant B.A.M.S,M.D 31265 AYUPS1183 Lecturer Deptt. Of Strirog & Prasuti Tantra
20 Dr. Nikhil Lokhande B.A.M.S,M.D I-48124-A AYUPS0293 Reader Deptt. Of Strirog & Prasuti Tantra
20 Dr. Atul B.A.M.S,M.D I-74604-A AYUSV1127 Lecturer Deptt. Of Swasthyvartha

There are 7 OPD’s in the hospital in which patients are treated by the following doctors

S.no. OPD Doctor
1 Department of Medicine(Kaya Chikitsa) Dr. Kiran
2 Department of Peadiatrics (Kaumarbhritya) Dr. Mashke
3 Department of Surgery(Shalya) Dr. Rameshwar Mahalinge
4 Department of ENT(Shalakya) Dr. Manoj
5 Department of Panchkarma Dr.Priyanka Tyagi
6 Department of Gynaecology (Prasuti evum Stri Rog) Dr. Nikhil Lokhande
7 Department of Health And Hygine (Swasthyvartha) Dr. Atul